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EVOK installs and maintains various 
communication systems over IP
Locally installed telephony solution
EVOK virtual PBX
Mitel telephone exchanges
3CX telephone exchanges
M365 Teams integration
Skype Enterprise integration


Today’s workplace is changing at a rapid pace. Staff and commercial partners expect to communicate with their company-phone at anyplace & anytime. Our VoIP solutions offer pooled telephone exchanges (vPBX) hosted in our datacenters or dedicated PBXs physically installed at our customers’ premises or in our datacenter infrastructure.

We have certified and experienced engineers working with Mitel (formerly Aastra Telecom Switzerland) and 3CX solutions, providing daily proof of their skills. Personalized solutions with Skype Enterprise and M365 teams can be integrated, configured and implemented across your business.

Through our business partners UPC Suisse Sàrl and Telco Pack SA, Lausanne we are able to provide you with flexible and comprehensive telephony solutions for the lowest rates and communications costs.


Mitel telephone exchange
3CX telephone exchange
vPBX telephone exchange
MiVoice Office 400 (Aastra)
MiVoice Office 400 is the most comprehensive PBX communication and collaboration solution designed specifically for SMEs. The PBX comes in two versions: as hardware or as a virtual machine.

This system is designed to fulfil all the communication requirements of companies. This solution was designed to meet the needs of the SME market segments, offering robust Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) features, a contact and mobility centre, as well as a wide range of phones, seamlessly integrated and offering the ability to link your switchboard to the M365 Team via EVOK Session Border Controllers (SBC).

The MiVoice Mobile Office Application allows its users to handle multiple calls in real-time from their mobile phones, regardless of where they, their customers or their employees are located.
3CX (UC Unified Communications)
vPBX communication solution, video conferencing, live chat.

The 3CX solution offers an extremely simple licensing model which is based on the number of simultaneous communication channels, including all options at no extra cost. The concept of Unified Communications (UC) is the idea of an integrated solution combining different communication methods. Through unified phone calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, email and live chat, employees can share common access to customer data via a centralized tool and collaborate in real time.

Simple, affordable and flexible, 3CX includes a full range of CPU features included by default. They are accessible by means of an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
Solution de vPBX hébergé en Suisse
EVOK vPBX is the Cloud VoIP telephony solution hosted in our Datacenter infrastructure. No need to buy a PBX (telephone exchange), we make these functionalities available to you from any internet access through a secured VPN. We can provide you with different fixed and mobile communication packages for Switzerland, Europe and North America. All operation, hosting and maintenance is included in our packages for each connected telephone device.
Virtual communication server in the Cloud
Your company no longer wants to invest in your own communication systems, you want to obtain flexible telephone and fax connections as a service. Whether your company is present on one or more sites, our Virtual PBX communication platform meets all your needs.
VOIP telephone terminals
Alliance partnership between Aastra and HP Networking for the provision of premium IP Unified Communications solutions.
Virtual PBX
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