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New generation of firewall (NGFW), Palo alto networks, the new generation firewall
License management and updates included
Identifying applications and not TCP ports
On-site or remote assistanceDecryption and analysis of TLS / SSL / https traffic
Active monitoring and saving of configurations
Detailed custom report
Palo Alto is the global leader in cybersecurity
The next generation firewalls from Palo Alto Networks® detect known and unknown threats through sand-boxing ( PaloAlto Wildfire Solution), including within encrypted traffic, using intelligence generated from thousands of customer deployments. The risks are therefore reduced and they can block many types of attacks. For example, they allow users to access data and applications according to business needs, while preventing hackers from stealing or using credentials.

Cybercrime is undergoing a profound metamorphosis. The scale and sophistication of attacks have reached such levels that they became a major concern for Governments and businesses alike. The cloud, digital transformation and mobility have simultaneously became both fundamental for daily life, as well as vectors for increasingly targeted, complex and lucrative attacks.

Unparalleled insight into all applications with just one scan, regardless of port, protocol or SSL encryption. This next-generation firewall determines whether an application’s content is malicious or otherwise, and associates traffic with the user’s identity, regardless of the user’s IP address, workstation or location.

Affirmative security controls that validate the real users and the true nature of the applications, significantly reducing the attack surface and eliminating unnecessary exposure to many risks. Palo Alto Networks offers a complete range of next-generation security appliances and VM-Series virtual appliances.

With a fully managed firewall (Firewall Management), we take care of the maintenance and operation of your PaloAlto firewall. By using a professional firewall, spyware and malware attacks can be prevented. Unauthorized access is also blocked. With our regular updates, your firewall is regularly updated, providing additional security. You will receive the internet activity report every month.

According to the service level selected, rule adjustment, repair and warranty management as well as on-site troubleshooting are included as part of the service.

Our team of specialists will advise you on the right perimeter protection solution for your business. We offer integration, migration, and lifecycle support for your security appliance. We analyze, optimize and migrate your firewall to a new solution.


Next-Gen security

Our next-generation firewalls ensure the security of your business, with an architecture prioritizing prevention while incorporating innovative, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use features.

Expandable from 50 GB to 3 TB or more

Our solutions are scalable according to your needs by storing data with Hitachi SAN clusters.

256-bit AES encryption technology

To further enhance your protection, EVOK Online Backup encrypts all data using 256-bit AES encryption technology, making your data unreadable during the entire backup process. You alone know the encryption key to make your documents readable.

Automatic client software update

Asigra is a fully managed solution, with push technology for customer-side software updates, automatically ensuring compatibility and optimal security in all circumstances.



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