Remote Support : TeamViewer
TeamViewer is a compact module that runs on your computer and allows EVOK technical services to provide remote technical assistance


Host your telephone exchange in the EVOK cloud: an economical, flexible and efficient solution.
Advanced functions of a classic PBX
Opérationnel 24×7, disponibilité de 99,9%
Ideal for multi-site deployments
Compatible with SIP terminals of different brands
vPBX solution hosted in our Datacenters (CH)
Several SIP operators available


Simplicity, scalability and increased flexibility
EVOK Virtual PBX (vPBX) is compatible with practically all SIP terminals on the market, basic or advanced, in particular those of the brands Yealink, Gigaset, Polycom, Snom or even Linksys. It can also be used with software (Softphone) installed on company computers, an option which offers optimal communication comfort when using a headset, or even use an application on a smartphone.

The most demanding professionals appreciate the advanced features of Virtual PBX, such as the possibility of managing the call rules, answering machines, diversions or call groups themselves via a web interface, the centralization of the telephone system between remote offices, or the ability to use international dialing numbers or other regions EVOK Virtual PBX is equally suitable for small deployments of a few phones as it is for larger projects with hundreds of distributed extensions on several sites and countries.

Record conversations

EVOK vPBX provides both automated and event recordings. In highly regulated environments, call recordings can be started unconditionally.


Voicemail can be personalized, while messages left by callers can be automatically sent by e-mail. Users can check them by phone or in the web management interface. They are also available in the user’s call history web interface.

Extension virtualization

Any phone terminal extension provided can be virtualized. This means your customers can use any device, anywhere.

Call forwarding

No one wants to miss important phone calls. Use this function to transfer calls to another extension in the system or to any other telephone such as your mobile.

IVR / auto attendant

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) helps you create complex auto attendant voice menus that can be used in multiple contexts, with various options and actions.

Incoming call rules

Improve privacy protection, automate tasks, and improve user productivity. You can filter incoming calls based on caller ID, time of the call, and rules that trigger a set of predefined actions, such as hanging up or forwarding to specific phone numbers. 
  • Yealink T42s
    Ecran couleur LCD 2,7″ • Audio HD • 12 lignes
  • Yealink W60p
    Ecran couleur LCD 2,4″ • 30 heures d’autonomie de conversation • Headset via Jack
  • Yealink W56h
    Ecran couleur LCD 2,4″ • 30 heures d’autonomie de conversation • Headset via Jack
  • Yealink T55a
    Ecran couleur LCD 4,3″ • Audio HD • Wifi & Bluetooth
  • Yealink T46s
    Ecran couleur LCD 4,3″ • Audio HD • 16 lignes
  • Yealink T54w
    Ecran couleur LCD 4,3″ • Audio HD • Wifi & Bluetooth
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