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MS Exchange or M365 email archiving solution
Optimized storage for emails
Indexing and search
Legal archiving of e-mails
Reliable storage Swiss datacenters
Data hosting
Reliable and fast export of emails


EVOK Legal Archiving is an archiving solution that stores a copy of your emails in the archive and turns that data into a useful repository for daily use. You can be safe knowing that all critical information sent or received by email is stored securely in Switzerland in EVOK Legal Archiving, where it is instantly retrievable via a secure web interface.

Email archiving solution provides secure, tamper-proof, encrypted and reliable backup if you experience data loss issues or experience a cyber attack.

When the publisher developed the legal archiving solution, the key considerations were privacy and end user rights. This is its “Privacy by design” philosophy, which is at the heart of the solution. This leads to improved privacy options for organizations and individual employees. It allows secure access by granting rights. The unalterable nature of EVOK Legal Archiving creates a repository of evidence, which is admissible in court. In addition, it is GDPR compliant and protects the rights of your employees.

Microsoft 365 (“Office 365”) has many advantages, secure email archiving is not one of them. EVOK Legal Archiving offers a superior alternative to Microsoft Exchange online archiving. It works with Office 365, ensuring the security and compliance of your archives.

A convincing email repository
A legal and tamper-proof archive, giving you maximum control over sensitive data with role-based access and audit trails
More ways to find what you’re looking for, including a feature that allows searches based on misspellings (words that look or look similar)
Security – you have no reason to trust Microsoft to protect your data. Check your Microsoft Service Agreement (Part 6b): “If there is an outage, you may not be able to recover your content or the data you have stored.” Microsoft will not accept any responsibility.
Compliance – Exchange online archiving does not comply with regulations such as GDPR. Users can modify emails, accidentally or maliciously. Emails archived with us cannot be edited.
Search and retrieve speed – Microsoft Exchange online archiving is slow, while our average search query time is only 2.3 seconds (over 5 years emails)

Protection and backup

100% protection against data loss. Protect mail servers from outages.

Office 365 email archiving solution

Citrix NetScaler Gateway incorporates SSL VPN encryption technology and granular access control over user connection conditions.

Indexing and search

All your accesses are encrypted with AES 256. A double authentication with verification by unique password (token) is also offered as an option.

GDPR and personally identifiable information

Our solution allows you to find and remove all data related to a GDPR erasure request from your email and attachments using detailed search results and provide proof that you have met the GDPR requirement.

Easy to administer

With HDX compression technology, Windows applications appear to be native to your terminal. It is possible to watch videos, use your webcam or participate in online meetings.

Importing old archives and PST

Our solution allows you to import and index your old archives or the contents of your previous email boxes.


EVOK operates its services in Switzerland, with 3 Datacenters 70 km away, in a completely secure environment allowing EVOK to provide full guarantees upon hosting of critical applications.
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