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The communication tool (Hosted Exchange) of choice for your company, under legislation and hosted in Switzerland.
Telephone access to support
Included daily backups
Geo-replication 2 Swiss datacenters
100 GB per mailbox
10 years of legal archiving (option)
Advanced email security
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The communication tool (Hosted Exchange) par excellence for your company, under legislation and hosted in Switzerland.
If you do not wish to operate your own Exchange messaging infrastructure in-house, and if it is important for your company that all e-mail data is stored in Switzerland. Our Hosted exchange solution is made for you, we offer you the following services:

Built-in protection against spam and viruses, as a Hosted Exchange® client, you are protected against viruses and spam when communicating via email. Harmful content is filtered by our Virus and Spam Filter Solution for Microsoft Exchange service, which includes the following features:

0-day malware via sandboxing technologies
Multiple antivirus (ESET, ClamAV,BitDefender)
Defense against phishing
Protection against identity theft (spoofing)
For customers, not wishing to use sandboxing technologies transiting through an EU datacenter, it is possible to disable them.

Sandboxing technologies are designed to analyse only files of a potentially harmful nature that come from e-mail or can be downloaded via a URL link. These files are then individually executed on isolated Windows environments (Sand Box) identical to your computer. The analysis result allows the identification of infected or malicious files before an Antivirus signature is available on the market.

As an EVOK Hosted Exchange® customer, you receive access to our Helpdesk (direct access to a technician) during working hours for any problems related to the messaging solution. All incident services or configuration assistance directly related to EVOK Hosted Exchange are included in the service contract. These services are not included in this contract and will be invoiced separately: Configuration interventions, modifications on workstations or mobile phones. A secure self-service management interface is available for all changes, password initialization, redirections, e-mail forwarding and other functions; if required, our Helpdesk is at your disposal.

If you are, for example; a municipality, a nursing home, a medical practice, a financial institution and you have to comply with the Swiss law on data protection (Art. 18 al. 1 LPrD). EVOK Hosted Exchange® is the right service for you. EVOK offers you 100% Swiss Hosted Exchange® hosting under Swiss law with replication on a geo-cluster in its datacenters in Fribourg and Lausanne. Your data is backed up and secured daily in a datacenter remote from the main facilities, with up to 6 months’ retention of your protection against deletion.

Our messaging solution allows full email encryption with the Swiss SeppMail platform or direct integration with HIN (Medical Data).

When required by your profession, we also provide an archiving service for up to 10 years. This service archives all the client’s internal and external e-mail communications. EVOK Archiving protects your e-mails in a secure and tamper-proof environment. To ensure compliance, e-mails must be stored, sorted in accordance with regulations and data must be easily retrievable for restoration or deletion as per legal requirements. This solution provides role-based access to archived emails, logged data access at all levels, all overseen by your employees assigned as Data Guardians. The unalterable and DMPP compliant nature creates a repository of evidence that is admissible in court.

Annual review with company direction

Immediate message retrieval on all your devices thanks to ActiveSync® Push.
Microsoft Exchange represents more than 470 million mailboxes worldwide and is the best tool for communication and collaboration.

Data availability

Access your calendars, contacts and emails from any device, PC, Mac, ActiveSync ® mobile, Android, Blackberry or even via OWA. Your data will always be available, at your fingertips.

Complete anti-virus protection

Total anti-virus protection for all your messages, whether sent or received, our Mailcleaner® filter prevents spam, viruses or other phishing attempts.
In order to guarantee maximum security, all emails are scanned by two anti-virus software.

25 MB of incoming email size

To ensure compatibility of the mailboxes with those of your correspondents, we deliberately limit attachments to 25 Mb. However,we offer suitable solutions should you exchange large files on a regular basis.

Up to 96 hours of Email retention

In case of a local infrastructure outage or internet outage, we provide 96 hours (4 days) of email retention until the internet connection is restored.

Cloud Outsourcing in Switzerland
18 para. 1 LPrD

Our Exchange solution is compliant with the current Switzerland legislation concerning the outsourcing of messaging solutions for public bodies (local authorities, nursing homes, doctors’ surgeries, etc.). EVOK Hosted Exchange complies with the data protection regulations in accordance with article 18 para. 1 LPRD (Federal Law on Data Protection).
- Included
- Optional
- Not Included / Unavailable
Type of contract
Hosted Exchange Swiss
Microsoft 365
Messaging IMAP
annual or semi-annual
annual or semi-annual
annual or semi-annual
Contract period
max 12 months
min. 12 months
min. 12 months
Location and processing of data
Switzerland 100%
Switzerland et US
Switzerland 100%
Access to the 8×5 telephone helpdesk
direct access to the technician
Microsoft direct or billed separately by partner
Helpdesk response time
Direct access (FR, DE, EN)
According to contract sold separately
Direct access (FR, DE, EN)
Data storage per box
100 GB
100 GB
50 GB
OS préinstallé
Windows / Linux
Windows / Linux
Windows / Linux
Data backups
Data retention
up to 8 weeks
Sold separately
up to 8 weeks
Data replication
Switzerland geo-redundant
Local Datacenter replication
Local Datacenter replication
2+1 (Switzerland)
1 (EU or US)
1+1 (Switzerland)
Legal archiving
Office 365 Business
According to chosen plan
Antivirus & antispam
3 antivirus
solution Microsoft
Antivirus ZeroDay
Data center encryptions
Compatible HIN (encrypted transport, private key)
Uptime garantie avec SLA
99.999 %
99.9 %
99.9 %


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EVOK operates its services in Switzerland, with 3 Datacenters 70 km away, in a completely secure environment allowing EVOK to provide full guarantees upon hosting of critical applications.
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