Remote Support : TeamViewer
TeamViewer is a compact module that runs on your computer and allows EVOK technical services to provide remote technical assistance


Improve your business productivity market with leading applications
Microsoft’s application solutions for communicating and storing your business data.
Even in the era of cloud solutions, there are still situations where a clean on-premise or hybrid cloud infrastructure and partially installed at the customer is the optimal solution.
Our experienced and certified specialists install complex systems and optimize applications according to your needs. Continuous training and many years of in-depth experience in migration or support projects confirm the know-how of our systems engineers on a wide range of Microsoft solutions :
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SQL server
Microsoft SharePoint
Our extensive experience acquired since 2003’s Microsoft Exchange, allows us to carry out all your migration, upgrade or simply transfer projects in our Swiss Cloud EVOK Hosted Exchange or to Microsoft 365 public cloud solutions. We offer complementary products to Microsoft Exchange to cover the e-mail filtering security or legal archiving regulatory needs that your profession requires.

Our Microsoft SQL server database specialists and our Microsoft SharePoint consultants can support you in all types of migration or update projects.

Even with a local setup, you benefit from cloud-based approaches such as virtualization and the high scalability of a virtual environment, but without sharing the infrastructure with other customers. This means that your data is physically separated and under your control at all times.

We would be happy to advise you about hybrid scenarios or entirely on-site installations for your business.

Our team of specialists will advise you to find the right solution and assist you in the IT planning of your company. We offer integration, migration and lifecycle support. We analyse, optimise and migrate your IT services to the new infrastructure.
We can also assist you with the migration from third-party products to Microsoft Exchange.
Modern business messaging
High availability for your emails
Exchange synchronization for all your devices
Possible link with HIN medical gateways
Industry leading messaging solution
Sharing and collaboration on demand
The Microsoft Exchange product line is designed not only for email, but also for managing calendars, contacts and tasks. Microsoft Exchange allows access from mobile, web and desktop clients.
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