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thank you for visiting Website. please carefully read the following general terms of use. visitors of website declare accepting the conditions expressed below.
Copyright & registered trademark rights
EVOK is a registered trademark of the company Altern8 SA. The contents of all website pages is legally protected by copyright. All the rights are held by Altern8 SA or third parties. website elements are open to public for browsing only. The photocopy of whole or part of the documents under written or electronic shape is authorized only with the’s express mention. It is forbidden to reproduce, to transmit, to modify, to combine or use website for commercial or broadcasting purposes except provided with Altern8 SA’s written prior authorization. All names and logos contained in website are registered and protected trademarks. web site is designed in order not to grant any license to use of an illustration, registered trademark or logo. Downloading or copying of whole or part of website does not grant any right on softwares or website content elements. Altern8 SA reserve all rights on whole the contents of website, with exception to the rights held by third parties.
Restrictions of warranty
Although Altern8 limited company strives honestly to guarantee the reliability of the information contained in website at the time of their publication, neither Altern8 SA neither it’s contractual partners can certify nor give formal evidence in a explicit or implicit manner (to third parties included) of the accuracy, of the reliability and of the exhaustiveness of the information contained in website. Emitted opinions or other informations contained in website may be modified at any time and without prior notice. Altern8 SA disclaims itself from any liability and by no means guarantees neither that functions available on website shall ever be interrupted nor the absence of virus or other harmful elements in the concerned browser.
Connections (links) to third partie’s websites website contains links towards third partie’s websites which can be of interest to you. By activating these links, you possibly leave website or third partie’s websites windows may appear in website environment. Altern8 SA has no control over partie’s websites linked to website and can on no account be held responsible for the contents or functioning of these websites. This is independently worth of the fact that you leave website’s environment by activating a link or that the layout of a third party’s website appears in website’s environment, even in case of this third party website information supplier not appearing clearly. The risk or the danger which may result from the connection to third parties websites or their consulting is the user’s sole responsibility.
Data protection
EVOK Altern8 Sa attaches great importance for security and data protection. As website’s visitor, you decide which personal data you agree to reveal us. We diligently and in strict respect of the legislation regarding data protection, collect personal data you freely decide to supply us (for example, your name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number).

We also collect information concerning your use of website (for example your browsing preferences, statistics concerning most consulted page, etc.).

Generally speaking, your personal data are not used for a purpose other than the one you passed them on for (order of our services, request of support, demands of information, etc.).

We draw to your attention the fact that by visiting our web site, we are automatically in possession of information which allow us to determine how visitors may use our website and which information and offers particularly interest them.

If you personally sign in, make orders through our website or ask for documentation or other services, we will need your personal information, for example your name and address. We handle your personal data in a confidential and anonymous manner and do not pass them on to third parties. Our data processing is solely intended for customer’s individual information purposes, according to their interests and their needs as well as for statistical marketing purposes. Data mining can allow us to adapt our web site and our services to the users needs. Besides, data processing, allows in particular, to analyze markets, to determine what interest our arouse proposed offers, and to draw conclusions order to adapt them to customers needs. Any other use of your personal data, in particular sale to third parties, is expressly excluded. As a registered customer, you can ask us at any time for information on your customer data.
We use cookies for’s website optimization. These are small files recorded on your data storage medium and which memorize, through your Internet browser, certain configurations and certain data exchanged with our system. In principle, no personal data are recorded in cookies used by website. Therefor, cookies which we use cannot be put in connection with a person in particular. During a cookie’s activation, a identification number is attributed to the respective cookie. A link between your personal data and this number of identification is not possible.

Thanks to cookies technology, we only obtain anonymous information indicating us, for example, which pages of our website are consulted. However, you can configure your browser in order to warn you when a cookie is received or to automatically refuse this type of exchange. Therefor, it is you who decide wether you accept it or not. But cookies refusal can imply the non-functioning of certain website features as the configurator, the opening of customer account or the use of the online shop.
With the aim of analyzing our website’s audience and better understanding the usage of our visitors, we use Google Analytics™ technology supplied by the company Google Inc., based in the United States. This tool uses cookies to collect anonymous information and generate reports on the website use statistics. These informations do not allow Google to identify you personally. The informations produced by cookies can be stored in Google’s servers in the United States. If you do not wish Google Analytics™ to record data concerning your visits, we recommend you to install a complementary module on your browser allowing the deactivation of Google Analytics™.
Sending of Newsletter and Emails
Altern8 SA may send Emails, Newsletter or other information, for example concerning special offers. If you wish to join this service, we draw your attention to the fact that Emails are transmitted in uncoded form, which means these datas can be intercepted and read by third parties.
Unsubscribing (Opt Out Policy)
The unsubscribing to Altern8 SA newsletters to which you subscribed, is possible at any time. Every newsletter contains a direct link allowing to unsubscribe automatically and easily.
Entitlement to personal data rectification
According to the legislation regarding data protection, you have the right to be informed, free of charge, on your recorded personal data and if these appear inaccurate or incomplete, the right to rectify them or to delete them. In order to do so, just connect yourself to your user account and make the necessary modifications. We shall delete your personal data but may keep certain connection datas and certain statistical information concerning you and we may keep an archive of your informations during the retention period of our backuping systems.

We reserve the right to reject senselessly repetitive requests, which ask disproportionate technical efforts (e.g. to develop a new system or to change fundamentally the existing practices) or which are simply impracticable.

If necessary, please send any request by post mail or Email making sure that your identification is possible and unequivocal:

By post: Altern8 SA, Rte des Daillettes 21, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland

By Email:
Personal data security
Personal datas are protected from unauthorized treatments by means of appropriate technical and organizational measures.
Excessive use of the services
In case of excessive use of the services, in particular in case of punishable acts suspicion, datas may be analyzed to clarify a situation and, provided a duly justified request, be passed on in to competent official authorities.
Applicable laws and jurisdiction
The applicable law is the Swiss Civil code.

Any dispute is exclusively submitted to the competence of Swiss courts. The juridiction is established to Fribourg. In case of dispute, the French version of our terms of use shall be valid.

last document update: February 28, 2024
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