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LAN network design and implementation

Virtualization makes it possible to significantly improve the rate of resource utilization
by pooling common resources.

Reduce physical infrastructure costs: With virtualisation, you can reduce the number of servers and the amount of hardware needed in the data centre. This translates into lower real estate costs and reduced power and cooling requirements, resulting in a significant reduction in IT costs.

Virtualization with VMware vSphere enables you to reduce spending through server optimization, resulting in improved operating costs from automation, while minimizing revenue loss and reducing scheduled and unplanned downtime.

EVOK implements solutions based on the VMware vSphere product range, with solutions adapted for small setups using 2 or 3 physical hosts, or for larger corporate infrastructures, with replication, automation, high availability and disaster recovery functions (e.g. with VMware Site Recovery Manager).

EVOK implements solutions based on VMware vSphere, with solutions adapted for setups ranging from 2 or 3 physical hosts, to larger enterprise infrastructures.

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EVOK implements solutions from

Juniper Networks

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HPE provides a range of compatible solutions that work with your IT infrastructure enabling your ressources to effectively function together.

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