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EVOK Workplace is accessible from any device with a flexible monthly subscription

Citrix Apps and Desktops, the # 1 virtualization solution

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Daily backup of your data

Operational 24×7, availability of 99.9%

Double authentication (2FA) or IP-Sec VPN tunnel

Available on all types of computers and smartphones

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Reduce infrastructure investments and control your costs

Provide secure remote access to employees while reducing IT infrastructure investments.


With EVOK Workplace (Citrix Apps and Desktops) you have access to a virtual working screen with the look and feel of Windows 10 . Access is via an Internet browser or a lightweight client application. You can access it with any device, be it a desktop, laptop, cell phone or tablet.


The solution is based on Citrix Apps and Desktops software and offers a powerful solution for deploying applications and virtual desktops, responding to all your needs from a single, secure platform. You can install your business software such as ERP, CRM, GED and also Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook software. We also provide you with common tools such as antivirus, PDF readers, media players, zip file managers and various Internet browsers. A personal drive and folders shared with your colleagues are available.

The EVOK Workplace solution is operated in our data centers in Friborg and Lausanne . Your data is backed up daily in a datacenter remote from the first 2. You therefore only need a minimal IT infrastructure on site or from home (Teleworking in Home Office).


You pay a monthly amount per user , we take care of the maintenance and support of the systems. You benefit from our many years of experience in hosting applications and a modern and frequently updated server infrastructure. So you always have your IT costs under control.


Citrix Apps and Desktops is software from Citrix Systems for remote access to applications from computers or thin clients. This is server software for distributing and accessing applications. Trust the leader who has been helping businesses stay ahead of virtualization for decades


Universal access

With our Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop platform you can access your applications anywhere in the world and find them in the same state as when they were last used on another device.


NetScaler Gateway

Citrix NetScaler Gateway incorporates SSL VPN encryption technology and granular access control over user connection conditions.


Secured access

All your accesses are encrypted with AES 256. A double authentication with verification by unique password (token) is also offered as an option.


Compatible with all equipment

You can access your business applications from any location and equipment: workstation, laptop, tablet, phone, windows, linux, mac, android, ios


Flexible solution on demand

Our Citrix platform is flexible and adapts to your needs. For starters, you can host a single app and then envision more users or more apps in an easy way.


New feature HDX

With HDX compression technology, Windows applications appear to be native to your terminal. It is possible to watch videos, use your webcam or participate in online meetings.

  • Patrick et Miguel San Juan
    Patrick et Miguel San Juan Pamisa Vins Sàrl

    We wanted to quickly have a management software adapted to our small and growing company, without investing and without worrying too much about technology. The software as a service (SaaS) provided by EVOK now allows us to save costs and complexity. All our data is also protected and backed up remotely and efficiently.


    The project was the implementation and deployment in SaaS mode of an IT solution integrating business management (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities targeting Pamisa's business sector and its specific requirements. Certified partner of Selectline® , Swiss leader in management software, EVOK analyzed Pamisa's needs and configured a modular and extensible application to wish, offering all the tools necessary for the complete management of a modern business. EVOK also performed the corporate data migration and guided Pamisa in the transition to the service software. A service provider, EVOK advised and trained its client intensively in a few days in the administration and remote access use of his personalized application.

    Les résultats

    "In a very short time with EVOK we had an operational solution that now covers the needs and internal processes of our company in a relevant way" explains Patrick San Juan, co-director of Pamisa. "Our management is more global, simplified and efficient, while maintaining a structure that is as light as possible".

    "Thanks to the SaaS model, we benefit from a more scalable and reliable solution than most traditional solutions on the market. We now bear no additional costs for installation, support and maintenance. Our IT budget is under control because the settlements are predictable and phased, ”says Migues San Juan, co-director of Pamisa.

    "Our data is automatically backed up on EVOK's secure and redundant servers. It could indeed happen that our data stored on our computers or laptops is damaged or stolen, which would then be a great prejudice for our company" adds Patrick San Juan .

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EVOK operates its services in Switzerland, with 3 Datacenters 70 km away, in a completely secure environment allowing EVOK to provide full guarantees upon hosting of critical applications.

24/7 Monitoring

Swiss secured Datacenters

365 x 7 x 24 Operating period

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