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FIPS 140-2 end-to-end encrypted solution

Asigra is Agentless (without local client)

Compression and deduplication at source

Daily check for correct operation

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Your backups under surveillance in our 2 Swiss datacenters.

Managed backup relies on a local application (Asigra DS-Client Windows or Linux) which is installed on your existing infrastructure. The DS-Client provides the local administrator with full backup management features, deduplication of data at the source and guarantees full encryption of data from the source to the backup destinations using a 256-bit AES private encryption key (NIST FIPS 140-2 certification), which is only available to the customer.


Agent less technology offers the possibility to backup data from all servers in your infrastructure without installing an agent (client software) on each backup target server. The Asigra DS-Client application directly backs up an entire virtual machine (VMs) by connecting directly to the VMware ESX or Hyper-V Hypervisor.


The Asigra Local Agent DS-Client is regularly updated without customer intervention. These updates provide new features and optimize backup processes.

Each time a backup is made, only your modified data is transferred to our Lausanne datacenter, then replicated to our Fribourg datacenter. The data is kept according to the retention period chosen on the local client (Asigra DS-Client) or on the recommendation of our technical teams. Without any additional cost; it is possible to reinforce your security by adding a on-premise local backup, for example: a NAS backup, which speeds up data restoration.


Every working day , the backup management team, equipped with the Backupchecks software; verifies the proper functioning of your backups. In the event of any failure, this software corrects minor errors and informs the customer in the event of critical problems. These daily verification services are included in our managed backup service.


Certification :

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100% recoverable data

Fast and efficient data recovery. One copy of the data is saved locally on a NAS hard drive, two copies of the data are located in our two data centers.


Data storage 50 GB to 10 TB or more

Our solutions are scalable according to your needs, thanks to the use of data storage on Hitachi SAN clusters.


Your data is always encrypted during transfer and storage

To further enhance your protection, EVOK Online Backup encrypts all data using 256-bit AES-type encryption technology, making your data unreadable throughout the backup process. Only you know the encryption key used to make your documents readable.

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Automatic client software update

Asigra is a managed solution, with push technology for client-side software updates, to guarantee compatibility and optimal security in all circumstances and automatically.


Only authorized persons can access your data

Thanks to 2FA two-factor authentication on the part of the software installed (DS-Client) at the customer’s site, it is possible to guarantee access to the local management tool only to authorized personnel.


Complies with GDPR regulation “Right to erasure”

The Asigra solution complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which applies to personal data of EU citizens regardless of where a business is located


Our teams check the proper functioning of your backups on a daily basis

Equipped with the BackupsCheck solution, our team checks the correct functioning of your backups every working day, in the event of failure a support ticket will be opened and the customer informed.


We are proud to count you among our clients


EVOK operates its services in Switzerland, with 3 Datacenters 70 km away, in a completely secure environment allowing EVOK to provide full guarantees upon hosting of critical applications.

24/7 Monitoring

Swiss secured Datacenters

365 x 7 x 24 Operating period

SAN Hitachi storage

VMware ESX virtualized infrastructure