À-la-carte (pay-per-use) outsourcing contract, with planned interventions and SLA

Planned or on-demand services

Response times according to SLA

On-site or remote assistance

Preventive and curative maintenance

Regular and planned on-site presence

Surveillance and monitoring 24×7

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NetPRO : privileged access to our team of experts

Our NetPro service contract is ideal for infrastructures starting from 15 to a max of 250 workstations. It is equally suitable for companies that do not have internal IT resources, as well as those which have an internal IT department or a technical coordinator in charge of certain services.


After careful analysis of your needs and budget, we propose a plan containing regularly planned interventions (for example: on-site presence of a technician for one or more days per week / month). Our team of engineers and specialists can take charge of all IT services or provide additional services then those of your internal teams.

In the event of an incident, you benefit from a Service Level Agreement (SLA), guaranteeing you a contractually defined response time.


Instead of hiring a team that covers all your IT needs, entrust us with part of the maintenance of your network: at EVOK, we have the specialised skills and experience that enable us to be very efficient, in addition to our existing skills.


Prestations inclues :

Helpdesk and dispatching service

  • Direct access to user support to process service requests
  • Helpdesk assistance during office hours
  • Ticket opening by phone or e-mail
  • Critical Ticket escalation towards the intervention team when necessary.
  • Regular montioring of backup status(optional)
  • Monitoring of services and applications (Monitoring EVOK) with Helpdesk notifications
  • Ticket management by our CRM tools
  • On-call service optional up to 24/7



Planned on-site interventions

  • A schedule of planned on-site inspections is defined at the beginning of each contractual period.
  • Planned visits are carried out during office hours
  • Visits outside of office hours are possible on request, according to current rates
  • Coordination with IT departments or internal client manager
  • Annual review with company direction

Periodic checks on network infrastructure and servers

  • Application of the necessary patches on MS Windows services
  • Validating and enforcing security updates
  • Checking and applying the necessary corrections to the Antivirus
  • Visual inspection of harddrives and power supply units.
  • Control of scheduled tasks and automatic restart
  • Adaptation or configuration upon customer request



Out of schedule Interventions (major incident)

  • Technical interventions (major incident) on site or remotely above the Helpdesk level
  • Scope limitation for interventions: critical infrastructure elements, such as LAN, firewall and servers
  • Timetable for access to the emergency line mentioned in the contract (optional)

Partial or Total outsourcing of your IT department

Depending on your needs and the size of your company, opt for a collaboration between our teams and your IT department or for a global 100% outsourcing of your IT department.


Annual review with the direction of the company

During management meetings, we give you IT advice. Taking into account upcoming budgets, we inform you about possible technological risks.


Monitoring services and applications

The EVOK IT monitoring system allows you to check continuously monitor your IT infrastructure’s services and applications. Reports and email notifications allow you to detect and prevent failures. Depending on the type of alert received, our technical department will draw up a correction plan.


Monitoring the evolution of your infrastructure

We support you throughout the development of your business and its IT infrastructure. We guide you on the strategies to adopt and on the IT investment policy.


Direct access to user support

Our support is available for all your IT problems or requests. We are committed to providing excellent service to our customers, which we do with the help of modern ticket management software.

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Control your IT budget

Thanks to our NetPro service contract, you control your IT budget through planned operations. For unplanned operations, you benefit from a guaranteed SLA and a preferential rate, with a statement of services in a prepaid logbook or monthly invoicing.

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Monitoring and preventive surveillance of your IT equipment


For many years, our customers have trusted us. We are very happy to work with them on the continuous improvement of their IT and communication tools.