Flat-rate outsourcing contract including preventive maintenance

Lump sum coverage based on inventory

Response times according to SLA

On-site or remote assistance

Preventive and curative maintenance

Regular and planned on-site presence

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Management by professionals, on customer request or following an alert from the monitoring system

EVOK NetGlobal proactive minimizes risk and at the same time increases the stability of your IT systems. Our specialists examine your infrastructure and advise you .


With NetGlobal, we perform regular checks for you. We plan the resulting maintenance work and take care of it. Checks are used to identify capacity bottlenecks, system errors and possible weak points at an early stage. The purpose of proactive controls is to increase the availability and security of the systems. The scope of the controls is defined jointly with you at the start of the contract and recorded in the detailed contract or the subscription proposal.


Our NetGlobal maintenance service is ideal for computer networks with between 15 and 200 workstations.


After an analysis of your needs expressed in the form of the desired level of service for your infrastructure, based on the inventory of the IT equipment, the number of employees and the following criteria: availability, downtime and response time. We offer you an annual package in exchange for which our team of engineers and specialists takes care of the complete maintenance of your computer park: reactive and proactive maintenance, security monitoring and backups , in order to be a true outsourced IT service for your company.

With guaranteed response times and defined processes , we offer you an efficient service and a guaranteed response within 4 hours, or even 2 hours for the most critical incidents that may occur to your infrastructure. As an EVOK NetGlobal customer, the Helpdesk with direct access to a technician service is also at your disposal. Our qualified team guarantees daily availability and offers additional level 2 support with a specialized technician.


By phone or email from Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Depending on the support option chosen in the subscription proposal, the Customer may contract on-call service . The on-call service troubleshooting process begins when the Customer calls the privileged hotline to initiate a fault case. The following on-call service options are available:


  • Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day


Rather than hiring your own team, entrust us with the maintenance of your network: at EVOK we have advanced skills and experience that allow us to be very efficient, in order to ensure continuity in the use of your tools. digital, with the convenience of a single point of contact.



Includes services

Periodic checks on client request

  • Checking the status and general operation of the server
  • Analysis of log files, control of Active Directory and associated services
  • Application of necessary patches on MS Windows services
  • Validate and apply security updates
  • Checking that the antivirus solution is working correctly and updates
  • Validation of the deployment of security updates for client workstations (if the client has a centralized deployment solution ), changes to deployment tasks.
  • Visual check of hard disk drives and power supplies
  • Control of scheduled tasks and automatic restart
  • Configuration or adaptation on customer request
  • Any other routine checks deemed useful by EVOK

Maintenance on client request for network and security devices

  • Control and application of system updates by firewall
  • Checking electrical loads and status of inverters.
  • Configuration or adaptation on customer request

General support

  • The capital of working hours available can be used for any activity related to maintenance, updating or installation of the customer’s computer system. Total flexibility!
  • Requests processed with priority status
  • Frequent checking that backups are working properly
  • Permanent monitoring of your network
  • License management for your software
  • Installation of new equipment and software
  • Optional 24/24 and 7/7 picket service
  • A monthly lump sum, no more no less.

Professionals provide your support

Certified professionals provide your on-site or remote support, permanently and in real time, proactive as well as reactive management of your IT environment.


Annual review with the direction of the company

During meetings with management, we provide you with advice in the areas of information technology. We will inform you about upcoming budgets and technological risks.


Monitoring of services and applications

The EVOK computer monitoring system enables the customer’s service status to be checked 24 hours a day. Sending e-mail reports to report faults.

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Control your IT support budget

Flat rate for all services covered by the NetGlobal IT maintenance contract. Preferential hourly rate for all other services.


Monitoring the evolution of your infrastructure

We support you throughout the development of your business and its IT infrastructure. We guide you on the strategies to adopt and on the IT investment policy.


Direct access to user support

Our support is available for all your computer problems or requests. We work with latest generation ticket management software that allows us to better manage our customers’ requests.

Monitoring options

Monitoring and preventive surveillance of your IT equipment


For many years, our customers have trusted us. We are very happy to work with them on the continuous improvement of their IT and communication tools.