Entrust the maintenance of your IT systems to professionals.

Professionals ensure your support

Monitoring the evolution of your IT Infrastructure

Monitoring with ticket opening

24/7 support extension

Services monitoring

Phone and email support


On-Premise or Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure management

Even in the Era of Cloud solutions and colocation, there are still situations in which the optimal solution is a clean and dedicated infrastructure on the customer’s premises.


Fully customer-located IT infrastructures are increasingly less common, on-premise infrastructure is often part of a hybrid cloud solution. Part of the infrastructure is therefore on the customer site – while other parts are obtained from the public cloud or EVOK datacentre. This combination is the more common one today.

EVOK assembles the local infrastructure with components from established and market leading manufacturers (HPE, Citrix, Juniper, PaloAlto, Hitachi and Fortinet). Even with a local build, you benefit from cloud approaches such as virtualisation the high scalability of a virtual environment, without sharing the infrastructure with other customers. This means that your data is physically distant from the operating data yet remains under your control.


On site infrastructure can eliminate the effects of limited availability Internet as well as WAN bandwidth issues , while maintaining a moderate cost of dedicated internet lines and access. Additionally, the provision of conventional business applications (traditional client-server) in an on-premises infrastructure is often easier to manage.

EVOK covers all levels of infrastructure in the SME segment starting with the electrical system and the network, from storage systems and server solutions to data monitoring and backup.


Since 1998, EVOK has accumulated the experience and know-how to guarantee solutions to our users’ problems. We can manage and maintain your IT systems guaranteeing better control at a better price. By trusting the maintenance of your IT infrastructure to EVOK, we offer you a unique personal point of contact. Our professionals permanently ensure a proactive and reactive management of your IT environment in real time, on-site, or remotely.

We would be happy to advise you on hybrid scenarios with our data centers in Switzerland or Microsoft Azure public cloud infrastructure.


Our team of specialists can provide advice on planning the right private cloud solution for your business. We offer integration, migration and lifecycle support. We analyze, optimize and migrate your IT services to the new infrastructure.


Our Helpdesk team offers direct support in 5 languages: French, English, German (Swiss-German), Italian and Portuguese

Comparative table

Comparative table

of IT maintenance offers




Contract type

Prepaid credits


Package or monthly statement

Proactive maintenance intervention on demand proactive according to contract
Recommended IT infrastructure size 3-50 computers 15-250 computers From 50 computers
Billing Prepaid annual or semi-annual annual or semi-annual
Monitoring the evolution of your infrastructure
Assistance with IT budget management
Monitoring with tickets opening according to contract
Infrastructure security management on customer request according to contract
External data backup according to contract according to contract according to contract
Contract period max 24 months min. 12 months min. 36 months
License administration and monitoring preferential rate invoicing preferential rate invoicing
Installation of new equipment or software Debited from credits preferential rate invoicing preferential rate invoicing
Follow-up and advice “management review” Debited from credits
Backups checking weekly weekly
Access to the 8×5 telephone and email helpdesk includes 8×5 includes 8×5 includes 8×5
Helpdesk response time direct access according to contract according to contract
Critical incident response time intervention 4 hours intervention 2 hours intervention 2 hours
Response time for normal incidents intervention D+1 intervention 4 hours intervention 4 hours
First responders 24/7 according to contract according to contract
Installation of new equipment or software Debited from credits preferential rate invoicing preferential rate invoicing



: included

: optional

: not included / unavailable



EVOK supports you throughout the development of your business and its IT infrastructure. We guide you on the strategy to adopt and on the investment policy.


Monitoring of services and applications

EVOK’s computer monitoring system allows us to observe and monitor the status of the client’s services on a 24h per day basis. Email reports are then sent out to report failures.


Professionals provide your support

Your IT environment is managed by certified professionals permanently and in-real time providing proactive and reactive support either on-site or remotely, to provide peace of mind.

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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

EVOK is committed to respecting the performance criteria corresponding to the support services following the agreed upon objectives set with the client. In the event of failure, penalties are also agreed.

  • NetTime
    Starting from1000,00 CHF/year
    Prepayed Credit

    Quota of hours of service according to your Support needs in remote maintenance and on-site Access to the helpdesk support

    from 3-50 computers
  • NetGlobal
    Starting from35,00 CHF/month/station

    Annual package based on the inventory and the frequency of preventive maintenance visits

    from 15-250 computers
  • NetPro
    PriceON REQUEST CHF/month/station

    A la carte services that offer the best compromise between the client's internal IT services and the service company

    from 50 computers