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We are increasingly overwhelmed by digital documents that are piling up in servers: finding your way around becomes difficult, with the added risk of forgetting an important document, such as a contract with a due date that you don’t want to forget. If you are faced with this problem, it is because you need EDM or “Electronic Document Management”.


EVOK is the partner of M-Files, a revolutionary EDM tool which, unlike competing products, does not require a long and complicated migration. M-Files can be added to your existing system (a simple network share or sharepoint database) with advanced version control and workflow features. Its machine learning engine also makes it possible to automatically classify by document type (contract, invoice, etc.) and then link the document to a customer and a project.


Coupled with the Ancoradocs tool, M-Files even gains in power, with powerful features of OCR – optical character recognition – and 1D / 2D barcode reading. With a success rate of 95%, M-Files and Ancoradocs are tools which allow you to optimize your internal management processes, save time and improve precision.

EVOK is an official M-Files integrator,

and can assist you

in analysing your needs

and integrating an EDM

to manage your document flow.

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Our team of specialists is at your disposal to present the many advantages of M-Files and Ancoradocs to improve your efficiency.

EVOK is committed to supporting you in the integration of EDM tools with your ERP, and in general in your business processes.