The transparent and hybrid file sharing solution in the cloud

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File Sharing for Business (EEFS)

The transparent and hybrid solution for file sharing in the cloud

Mobility is increasingly gaining importance within companies: employees need (and want) to have access to their data anywhere and anytime, whether they have access to the Internet or not.


Sometimes a variety of solutions are used, for instance mass consumer solutions such as Dropbox or Google Drive. They provide a good user experience, but are highly insufficient in terms of security, which makes them unusable within a business context. There are no guarantees as to the country where the data is hosted and integration within the company’s IT framework is not possible, which results in a multiplication of file copies.


Sometimes we resort to the use of a VPN or “Virtual Private Network”, which suffers from the disadvantage of requiring a fast Internet connection to work in comfort, something which is not always possible when staff members are away from home.


EVOK offers you a solution for file sharing called CloudFiles. It is a highly flexible solution which can be seamlessly integrated. No matter where a user is, access to company files is always optimal. Database-level encryption ensures that your data is protected during transmission by maintaining a detailed audit log and a history of file changes to ensure compliance.

CloudFiles boosts workforce mobility by providing file sharing and mobile access, preserving the security permissions and familiar user experiences associated with file servers. Using Active Directory synchronization and legacy permissions, means that there are no other solutions which better integrates cloud mobility with the on-site security of the existing IT structure.


Access is available from any portable device: smartphone, tablet or laptop. Each file version is saved, a deleted file is never completely deleted: you can retrieve it whenever required. Moreover, synchronization is bi-directional (with conflict detection), allowing you to work offline, without the Internet. It is compatible with both Windows and OSX environments. The CloudFiles solution features an integrated Antivirus which scans all data files in the transport stream to prevent serial pollution of the other connected devices.


CloudFiles is a great corporate tool, enabling your employees access to the company’s internal/cloud directory in a very user-friendly fashion, wherever they may be. Our team of EVOK specialists is available for more information and a demonstration.


Secure sharing

Easily and securely share files with business partners (extranet features)



Daily backups in a remote Swiss datacenter benefit from a 90-day retention


Personalized strategy

Each company can define its personalized strategy for managing access rights to distributed directories and files

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Lock AutoCAD DWG files

Locking AutoCAD files works through EVOK CloudFiles mapped drives ! You can configure EVOK CloudFiles with storage in the EVOK data center, this solves the problem of locking AutoCAD DWL, DWL2 files.


EVOK CloudFiles translates local protocols (CIFS) into a secure protocol suitable for the internet (HTTPS)


Data saved with versioning (possibility of reverting to an earlier version of a document)

  • Patrick et Miguel San Juan
    Patrick et Miguel San Juan Pamisa Vins Sàrl

    We wanted to quickly have a management software adapted to our small and growing company, without investing and without worrying too much about technology. The software as a service (SaaS) provided by EVOK now allows us to save costs and complexity. All our data is also protected and backed up remotely and efficiently.


    The project was the implementation and deployment in SaaS mode of an IT solution integrating business management (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities targeting Pamisa's business sector and its specific requirements. Certified partner of Selectline® , Swiss leader in management software, EVOK analyzed Pamisa's needs and configured a modular and extensible application to wish, offering all the tools necessary for the complete management of a modern business. EVOK also performed the corporate data migration and guided Pamisa in the transition to the service software. A service provider, EVOK advised and trained its client intensively in a few days in the administration and remote access use of his personalized application.

    Les résultats

    "In a very short time with EVOK we had an operational solution that now covers the needs and internal processes of our company in a relevant way" explains Patrick San Juan, co-director of Pamisa. "Our management is more global, simplified and efficient, while maintaining a structure that is as light as possible".

    "Thanks to the SaaS model, we benefit from a more scalable and reliable solution than most traditional solutions on the market. We now bear no additional costs for installation, support and maintenance. Our IT budget is under control because the settlements are predictable and phased, ”says Migues San Juan, co-director of Pamisa.

    "Our data is automatically backed up on EVOK's secure and redundant servers. It could indeed happen that our data stored on our computers or laptops is damaged or stolen, which would then be a great prejudice for our company" adds Patrick San Juan .

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