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Firewall installation & management

Defeat cyber attacks with the latest generation firewall

Today’s malware (malicious software) exploit advanced techniques to bypass equipment and network security tools. The effects on a business can be disastrous, especially when attackers use malware and ransomware – software that blocks your computer and locks you out- until you have paid a ransom.

EVOK is partnered with several suppliers of latest generation security equipment, including Palo Alto Networks, Juniper Networks and Fortinet. Our certified employees are able to put in place a security strategy for you which reflects your proffession’s needs and constraints. Our devices secure your applications, protect your identities, detect and prevent advanced threats, including encrypted traffic. They use cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, which can detect variations in threats, predict the next stages of an attack, and put in place protections in near real time.

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EVOK implements solutions of

Palo Alto Networks

one of the world leaders in cybersecurity solutions.

Fortinet secures the largest companies,

service providers and

government organizations around the world.

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Juniper Networks simplifies networking with products, solutions and services that connect the world.