Service credit at a preferential rate that can be used flexibly

Service credit and prepaid maintenance

Decreasing price according to volume

On-site or remote interventions

Flexible use for support or projects

Credits valid for 24 months

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Management by professionals, at the customer’s request or following an alert from our monitoring system

Our specialists support your IT operations. With EVOK NetTime (service hour quota) you get the services you need according to what you consume: 1st or 2nd level support.


NetTime (Quota Hours of Service) is ideal for small computer networks, between 3 and 50 computers. With a prepaid service hours valid for 24 months.


You determine which level of support you require for your IT needs, and when you need the support. For example, our Helpdesk as the first point of contact for your employees or a system engineer for troubleshooting, maintenance or specific project work. An option we recommend opting in a monitoring system for your infrastructure with a regular check services to maintain proper back up systems.

With guaranteed response times, basic SLA and defined processes, we offer you effective relief and guaranteed intervention within 8 hours for critical incidents which may have occurred to your infrastructure. As an EVOK NetTime customer, the helpdesk service with direct access to a technician is also at your disposal. Our qualified team guarantees daily availability and can offer additional support if necessary, for example with 2nd level support specialised technician.


We offer total flexibility: to avoid fixed cost, opt for an adapted maintenance schedule based on your needs, and your IT infrastructure’s needs. You can be notified on a quarterly basis or every year ends. Depending on how many hours included in your logbook, you can benefit of a discount of up to 12.5% from the regular hourly rate.


Important to know: hours not spent do not expire, but are credited for the following period. The number of hours required can be adjusted at any time.



By phone or email Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.



Included services

Helpdesk et service de dispatching :

  • Direct access to user support to process service requests
  • Helpdesk assistance during office hours
  • Ticket opening by phone or e-mail
  • Critical Ticket escalation towards the intervention team when necessary.
  • Reguar montioring of backup status(optional)
  • Monitoring of services and applications (Monitoring EVOK) with Helpdesk notifications(optional)
  • Ticket management by our CRM tools


Customer Request verification :

  • Application of the necessary patches on MS Windows services
  • Validating and enforcing security updates
  • Checking and applying the necessary corrections to the Antivirus
  • Visual inspection of harddrives and power supply units.
  • Control of scheduled tasks and automatic restart
  • Adaptation or configuration upon customer request

Requests for services submitted by the Client and accepted by the Agent shall be charged at the standard rate, unless otherwise agreed between the Agent and the Client in accordance with the hourly rates in force on EVOK’s website.


Interventions or support requests (helpdesk) during office hours, services and travel expenses are invoiced according to the following table:


  • The standard hourly rate
  • Remote support intervention with a minimum of 15 minutes invoicing time
  • On-site intervention: minimum charge of 1 hour excluding travel expenses
  • Senior technician intervention (ERP, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, firewall) minimum 4 hours billing excluding travel expenses
  • Flat-rate travel expenses according to current rates

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

EVOK is committed to respecting the performance measures of support services corresponding to the objectives planned with the client. In case of breach of penalties are agreed.


Professionals provide your support

Certified professionals provide your on-site or remote support, permanently and in real time, proactive as well as reactive management of your IT environment.


Monitoring services and applications

The EVOK computer monitoring system enables the customer’s service status to be checked 24 hours a day. Sending e-mail reports to report faults.


Monitoring the evolution of your infrastructure

We support you throughout the development of your business and its IT infrastructure. We guide you on the strategies to adopt and on the IT investment policy.

Intervention during office hours with priority status

Type of intervention: on site or remote assistance

  • NETTIME 1000


    NetTime* credits

    Basic package

    Quota of Support service hours according to your needs, remotely and on-site, Access to helpdesk support

  • NETTIME 2000


    NetTime* credits

    Basic Package

    Quota of Support service hours according to your needs, remotely and on-site, Access to helpdesk support

  • NETTIME 4000


    NetTime* credits

    5% OFF

    Quota of Support service hours according to your needs, remotely and on-site, Access to helpdesk support

  • NETTIME 10000


    NetTime* credits

    10% OFF

    Quota of Support service hours according to your needs, remotely and on-site, Access to helpdesk support

  • NETTIME 20000


    NetTime* credits

    12.5% OFF

    Quota of Support service hours according to your needs, remotely and on-site, Access to helpdesk support

Monitoring options

Monitoring and preventive surveillance of your IT equipment


For many years, our clients have trusted us. We are very happy to work with them on the continuous improvement of their IT and communication tools.